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All Other Equipment / Camera for capturing
Last post by Hidden -
I have an Optoma GT1080HDR projector. What camera should I use to take screenshots of my house? I have a 4k webcam that I have connected to my laptop. That doesn't seem to work well.

Can someone give me a suggestion? I've not seen any references on what camera works best on any websites.

Thank you
Luxedo Projectors / Re: video rendering time for luxedo 8+ hours
Last post by Hidden -
Finally my project render completed and worked. Luxedo emailed me today saying that they had to increase the allowed render times for projects so that my project would successfully finish rendering. It still takes about 4 hours but at least it's working now.

I also came across another issue where if you have too many clips with audio at the same time there will be a horrible crackling sound. I muted some of the clips and the crackling went away.
Luxedo Projectors / Re: video rendering time for luxedo 8+ hours
Last post by Hidden -
6 days later, still no rendered project. Luxedo support responded 2 days ago saying that it should not take this long and they would look into the issue but I have not heard anything else from them.
Luxedo Projectors / video rendering time for luxedo 8+ hours
Last post by Hidden -
so i'm trying to render my project on the luxedo website and it rendered for 8 hours yesterday before failing.
I gave it a second attempt today and it has been rendering for 7 hours so far and says its 44.1% complete and has 8 hours left. At this rate thanks giving will have come and gone before it gets a rendered video. >:(
NEWS / New Audio Stream Beta
Last post by Hidden -
Luxedo has added a new beta feature for streaming your project audio over the internet.
You can go to you project and on the top menu bar select the speaker for audio. You will get a code that users can enter into You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login and the current playing project audio will start streaming.
Luxedo Projectors / Re: Ordered a Luxedo projector today!
Last post by Hidden -
I received the new projector.

New projector is working better than the last but still is having bluetooth issues. Luxedo says they will be putting out a bluetooth fix/update thursday ,friday, or monday.

Fingers crossed that this solves my issue with bluetooth causing the device to freeze.
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